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PC Bee Suit

PC bee Suit designed to perfection

If you are a first time beekeeper, you may be thrilled at the idea of moving near the swarm. But, have you thought about the bee stings? You may be stung by the bees and even the outside heat can make you uncomfortable. Bee Attire is there to make beekeeping enjoyable and interesting. Having years of experience in manufacturing PC Bee Suits, professional grade beekeeping jackets and attire, Bee Attire is committed to assisting local beekeepers to continue with their hobby and simultaneously protect the bees around us. If you are an inexperienced beekeeper, you will need a beekeeping jacket for ultimate protection. Indeed, it is the first investment which a beekeeper has to make. We have a range of jackets, suits and attire to make the choice easier. No matter what your preference, we have every kind of beekeeping suit with us.

A variety of beekeeping jackets and suits

PC Bee SuitBee Attire offers a comprehensive range of PC Bee Suit and attire. There are a plethora of choices available for you. When you browse through our product range, you will find bee jackets, bee veils, coverall type bee attires to offer you a complete protection. Made with the blend of cotton and polyester material, our jackets are best-in-the-class. If you want a complete coverall, we can supply you that. Prices of beekeeping attire are very reasonable when you compare them to other stores.

Why choose us?

  • Bee Attire has years of experience in manufacturing bee jackets, coveralls and attires. We have helped thousands of hobbyists to successfully raise their first bee hive
  • We use good quality cotton material to manufacture bee attire and they feature a very tight weave.
  • There are various pockets in the beekeeping jackets and attire. There are wrist bands and ankle bands for complete protection
  • Competitive rates

We also supply thick pants to protect your legs. Call us now if you have any query.+91-814-654-693 or Email Us at info@beeattire.com

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