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Cotton Bee Jacket

Sting resistant 100% pure Cotton Bee Jacket!

Looking for lightweight, sting resistant, cool and comfortable bee jacket? Bee Attire is your one stop destination to availing high quality cotton bee jacket at a rate which is reasonable. Our jacket is best meant for both heavy hive work and light hive work. Wear this jacket and show your farm to the visitor. The hood of the jacket comes with zip so that you may put it off when not in use.

Bee Attire

BeeAttire cotton bee jackets are made up of cotton-polyester material and may be availed in light shades. Since the jackets are white, they are not attractive to the bees. Being less sting-attractive, you are protected from the harm completely. We also offer custom jackets to suit the fit you are looking for. But, at Bee Attire, we believe that loose-fit bee jackets are better. They are not very light and not too baggy. Our jackets are such that they prevent bees from reaching you even when you are exposed to the entire bee swarm. Wrist cuffs are completely elastic to make you comfortable while there is zipper moving to the collar. So, you are completely protected when exposed to the swarm.

Well designed and stylish cotton bee jackets  

Bee jackets are not only protective but also they are stylish. Made with high quality durable materials, the jackets are constituted of hard cotton featuring elasticated waist band and cuffs. These jackets are sure to keep the honey bees out. Featuring the round hat design and the strong rings, the bees will certainly stay away from your face.

Our standard bee jackets are made up of white cotton and comprise multiple pockets and a stylish hood. Buy professional grade bee jacket from Bee Attire at budget friendly rates.

Features of the jacket

  • Full vision
  • cool, safe and secured
  • sting resistant
  • elastic waist and cuffs
  • comfortable fit
  • rugged making to ensure longevity

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