Ventilated Bee Suit 

Pro Bee Suit (Cotton)

Ventilated Bee Jacket

Pro Bee Jacket (Cotton)

Air Mesh Bee Jacket

Air Mesh Bee Suit

Ventilated Leather Bee Gloves 

Leather Bee Gloves

Poly-Cotton Bee Suit

bee smoker in size

Bee Smoker

frame gripper

Bee Frame Gripper

brush in size

Bee Brush

j type hive tool in size

Bee Hive Tool (J)

h hive tool in size

Bee Hive tool 

graffting needel in size

Bee Graffting needel

poolen traper in size

Bee Pollen Traper 

uncapping kniff in size

Bee Hive tool 

queen cage in size

Bee Queen Cage  

Frame-excluder in size

Bee Queen Excluder Frame 

BeeAttire: We are manufacturers of all types of Beekeeper Suits, Beekeeping Jackets and Bee Gears | Bee Tools from India. We provide Best Quality tolls in Good Price. We use all YKK zippers and 100% cotton in beekeeping  suit and beekeeping jacket which is very comfortable in summers, In Ventilated bee suit and vented bee jacket we use 3 layer mesh. Outer two layers are made from polyester which is very comfortable for beekeeper. Vented bee keeper suit and Ventilated beekeeping jacket will be non-irritating and keeps bee keeper cool and comfortable. We also have Airmesh bee suits and air-mesh bee jackets. Kids bee suits are only available in bulk. For bulk bee suits please contact us.  We have all type of Bee tools. Check above.




Our Price could be more than China Bee Suits but the quality will be best. We use only Ykk zippers. Pakistan bee suits use low-quality zippers.


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