PC Bee Jacket | Bee Attire Jacket

PC Bee Jacket | Bee Attire Jacket

PC Bee jacket designed for absolute comfort

PC Bee JacketNo matter how experienced you are working on the hive, it is important to wear proper beekeeping suit. Whenever you move near to the colony, you must make sure to wear beekeeping jacket to safeguard yourself from the bee sting. Bee Attire takes the initiative to manufacture professional grade PC Bee jackets and attire for beekeepers out there. Our jackets are long lasting and are designed for absolute comfort. Bee Attire polycotton smocks and jackets for beekeeping are made from premium grade organic cotton. Well, to make the jacket and attire soft and comfortable, we use both cotton and polyester material. To raise the quality of each beekeeping jacket and attire, we double-stitch the pockets while include deluxe canvas case. Such jackets are perfect for hobbyists who can move closer to the bee swarm without any fear of bee stings.

Our premium grade PC bee jackets are fully featured. You will find the use of elastic waistband for added comfort, elastic wrists to make you flexible, and thumb holds to keep the jacket in its place.

Best-in-the-class protection against bee stings

Bee Attire is known for manufacturing high quality PC Bee Jacket, attires, accessories and tools. Our jackets are best-in-the-class, offering utmost protection against the bee stings. If you use our jackets, you are completely safe and protected from bee stings. Bee Attire jackets use premium grade cotton material, medium-weight cloth woven in stylish interlocking pattern. This kind of jacket is sure to provide you complete protection. Above this, the fabric is breathable to keep you cool when it is summer.

Say Goodbye to bee stings!

With Bee Attire, you may say ‘Good Bye’ to bee stings and discomfort due to heat. Our products are manufactured keeping in mind the safety and comfort of beekeepers. What you get is ‘all-day protection’ and an absolute comfort.

To learn about the prices and discounts, call is now. +91-814-654-693 or Email Us at info@beeattire.com

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