Beginners Guide to Start Bee-keeping

Beekeeping is the act of building and maintenance of Bee colonies for the purpose of raising bees to extract honey. Beekeeping can be done by a professional or an amateur person but the basics to start beekeeping remain the same for everyone. Beekeeping can be done as a profession or a personal hobby. Beekeeping as a profession is fast gaining popularity around the world in order to generate secondary sources of income. The setting up of an Apiary is one of the most important concepts of beekeeping. An apiary is a collection of hives or colonies of bees kept for honey.

Beekeeping can be done by anybody whether you are a professional beekeeper or just an individual following his hobby or a housewife following her passion. Some of the most important factors to keep in mind before engaging in beekeeping are the following –

Gather all the necessary information

Before starting beekeeping one must collect all the necessary information regarding the concept of beekeeping. Beekeeping requires great expertise in order to extract the best quality form of honey. The person should research the following points before embarking on a beekeeping journey –

  • The individual should attend a course or study about beekeeping.
  • Study and learn about how the bees make honey.
  • Learn how a hive is set up and what is the role of the Queen Bee and the worker bees.
  • Keep in touch with the local beekeeping authorities/organizations.
  • Learn about all the necessary environmental factors required for beekeeping.

Area for Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be started in the backyard of the house or in the garden area, on unused farmland, on the roof of the house or estate. Most people set up their beehives in the outskirts of the city far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Beekeeping can also be started at a local nearby apiary.

Environmental Factors

The various environmental factors that affect beekeeping are the weather conditions prevailing in that area, availability of an abundant source of pollen and nectar, clean water, and cool climatic conditions. The nectar from the leaves of the plant plays an extremely important role in the making of honey. The worker bees suck nectar from the leaves of the plant. The nectar provides immediate energy. Once the worker bees are back at the hive the nectar is passed from bee to bee.

Buy Beekeeping Equipment

  • A hive
  • Hive frames with a wax coating.
  • A smoker to calm down the bees.
  • A hive tool for inspection of bees.
  • A feeder for some extra nourishment of bees.
  • Protective Beekeeping suits and gloves.

Obtain a BeePackage

Bee Package is a package of Bees. Bee Package is a specially designed box equipped with a sugar water dispenser and a cage to separate the queen bee from the other bees. Honey bees can sting at any time be it before installing a package or after. Therefore, spraying some sugar water can calm them. The person installing the bee package for the first time should remember to wear protective gear which includes a bee jacket and gloves.

Set up a Separate Fund

Beekeeping is a costly process to start and to keep it running. The investment is only recovered after the first few years. The average total cost to start beekeeping is around $750. The bifurcation of the expenses are –

  • One set of Hive components – $370
  • Bee Package – $180
  • Protective Gear and Basic Tools – $200
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