Now bees can be used to detect life threatening diseases!

Apr7,2018. By BeeAttire

Most beekeepers already know the usefulness of Bees on earth and their contribution to nature for all its splendour and glory. Bees not only pollinate almost all of the flowering plants and food crops but also give us valuable honey and wax.
But now, bees are playing important roles in medical research. Bees are being trained for detecting cancer and other serious ailments using a specialized device. The device is the invention of Portuguese designer Susana Soares. It has a round glass chamber attached to a smaller chamber and has a number of tubes in the design.
A suspected cancer patent is asked to exhale into a glass chamber through a glass tube. Inside the glass chamber, trained bees are placed. As soon as they detect cancer, bees fly into the smaller secondary chamber attached to the main one.
Apis mellifera or honey bees have a very strong sense of smell believed by scientists to be stronger than that of sniffer dogs. The bees can be trained to use this amazing ability to detect a specific kind of chemical odour. These include biomarkers associated with cancer of certain types, Tuberculosis among others.
Bees have also been trained to detect explosives and can replace dogs in detecting terrorist activity.

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